Warehousing to last mile delivery

Social logistics: Fastest cheapest widest logistics

We help merchants reduce logistics expenses from warehousing to last mile delivery within our innovative social logistics platform

Distributed Social Warehousing

Store your inventory on highly distributed multi location warehouses. Become able to complete a delivery as soon as the order is received wherever they are from.

Sameday Delivery & Return

Accelerate your sales cycle by offering free same day delivery and return. They are not supposed to be expensive options for you and your customers.

API Integration & Analytics

Plug in Wormhologic API into your store and we deal with all the things from there. Learn about your customers from the sales analytics and insights.

Become one of our social warehouses

Have some space at your home? Monetize it!

Our social warehouse users are able to make $100 or more monthly.

  • Apply to become a warehouse unit

    You don't need to have a huge space. It is totally valid even if your space is just a small closet. Don't hesitate to apply. Once your application is approved, you will be able to start accepting products from merchants. Simply store them in your place and your earning starts immediately.
  • Welcome our drivers visiting your place

    You will be notified whenever there comes pick up orders. Arrange the time with drivers if you are not at home at the moment and our drivers will visit your home to pick up the products to complete their delivery tasks. That's all!, no serioius warehouse "work" is required.

Distributed Multi-location warehousing

Stop renting local warehouses

List your inventory on our platform and send us your products. Now your products are securely stored all over the places and ready to be dispatched to your customers on the same day in your chosen cities.

  • Distribute through multiple cities at once

    Select available cities you want to distribute and store your products, and simply send your products to the locations. Your products will be stored nice and safe.
  • The cheapest multi-location warehousing

    Pay as you go monthly per item living in our social warehouses and per item delivered. Expect to reduce multi-location warehousing cost by at least 50%. You don't need to hire warehouse managers not rent local wawrehouses.

Same Day Delivery and Return

Affordable and Instant

Offer Same day delivery & return, they are not expensive options for you any longer.

  • Automatic order fulfillment pipeline

    Integrate our API into your store. Orders are automatically distributed and assigned to our drivers, prepared and delivered to your customers as late as on the same day. Don't know how to integrate API? Don't worry, simply update your orders on our platform and we will take care of the rest.
  • The Fastest, simplest and cheapest return

    Return orders are assigned to our drivers as soon as our platform receives them. Return products are picked up and restored on local return warehouses and transported to you on your scheduled date or you can keep them in our return warehouses.